Welcome to Gtable’s documentation!

Gtable (source) is a container for tabular or tabular-like data designed with speed in mind. It is very similar to pandas, and it relies on many of its capabilities. It tries to improve one some aspects of using pandas data types pandas.Series and pandas.DataFrame as containers for simple computations, but it is not a replacement for them.

  • It tries to reduce the overhead for column access, creation, and concatenation.
  • It supports sparse data with bitmap indexing.
  • It truly handles NaNs, making a difference between a NaN and a NA in its internal representation.
  • It provides fast transformations (filling NA values, filtering, joining…)

It also relies heavily on numpy. You can consider gtable as a thin layer over numpy arrays.

You can install gtable with a simple pip install gtable.

Gtable is an open-source project released under a BSD 3-Clause license. You can find a copy of the license in this document

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